Home Projects

I tend to dream up a bunch of various projects to do around the house and never really get around to doing them all.  I get some things knocked out, but there are a few still lingering….  Here’s my “to do” list:

  • build a counter/works space in the breakfast room
  • demolish the waste of space brick thing in my backyard and build a dinning table in place of it
  • Install landscape lighting
  • Replace the fans and lighting fixture that were from the 80’s
  • Organize the Garage!
  • build a workbench in the garage

For those that read this and remember, holla at me at the end of the year and see if I got any of these knocked out.  If I don’t have at least half of the list done and you’re the first to call me out on it, I’ll treat you to dinner!

2 Replies to “Home Projects”

  1. I’m gonna be you on like ugly wallpaper on 1980’s sheetrock. Belee dat!


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