New Beginings

It’s been  a few weeks since I’ve started at Paul Hastings.  It’s been pretty good.  The first week was really all training for me, but once that was done, I hit the ground running.    The people here are great and very friendly.  Since it’s a new shop, it’s still pretty small in regards to staff, but I kinda like that.  It’s a little more personal and you get to know people a little bit better.  A bonus is I finally get a window office!  I’m still getting used to all of their systems and even getting used to the building and its surrounding, but overtime all of that will be second nature.

Another new thing I’m trying out is riding the Metro bus to work.  I never really thought I would enjoy it, but it’s actually pretty awesome.  My bus drops me off and picks me up right in front of my building, and they run about every 5 to 10 minutes making it very easy.  I do have a sense of lost freedom without my car being with me in downtown, but when I think about my 7 years at VE I rarely needed to have my car while at work.

If you’re ever near the Wells Fargo Plaza in downtown Houston, gimme a holla!

2 Replies to “New Beginings”

  1. You should add a photo of your office view. Congrats either way buddy!


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