Don’t be Tardy for the Potty

Over the weekend we bought a potty for Layla.  For some reason she was super excited to have it.  She hauled it around the entire store.  me and my potty  Yesterday, she actually used it!  Sheena saw her pushing, so she rushed her to the bathroom, I got the potty ready and Layla took care of business!  It’s weird to write a post about my lil girl droppin a deuce, but I thought it was interesting, so I figured I’d share.  Weird thing for a Dad to be proud of, huh?

Speaking of poop, Saturday morning I got a lesson on sewer lines due to an issue at  my parent’s rental house.  We had a plumber come out and he walked us through where the pipes are, how it flows and how to potentially correct the issue.  Again, a weird topic to be intrigued by, right?

On the street in front of our house, there’s a dip in the road, so water always collects and the leaves and other things decompose at our curb.  It not only looks bad  (leaving mud tracks everywhere), but decomposed leaves smell like doo-doo!  I had some free time on Sunday, so I decided to clean up that area.  Needless to say, scooping up decomposed leaves and mud that smells horrible is not a pleasant way to spend a nice Sunday afternoon.  But I was happy to have the area cleaned up though.  This morning it seems like it was raining over night, so now we’ve got a bunch of water back in the mix, but that’s OK.  I purchased a little pump that makes the job of getting the water out a little easier.

All in all, this weekend was pretty crappy….. get it… cause of all the connections to poops?… no?  well, I thought it was funny…  But seriously, it was a very productive and fun weekend.  Outside of all of the poop related stories, there were a ton of other things that I was able to do, but I won’t bore you with the details.  Have a great week!

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