City Wide Garage Sale!

This past Saturday was really nice.  We didn’t have any plans, so it was very leisurely.  We heard of a city wide garage sale going on at the Missouri City’s city hall, so we headed that hall photo_1 photo_2

There were a bunch of booths set up.  Didn’t really see anything we wanted to buy, but I really liked the concept of it.  I believe that you can buy a booth for like $20.  It’s great because it allows garage sale hoppers to go to one spot to catch some cool finds and it also allows people (like me) who have excessive crap in their house a chance to sell it to a broader market (outside of people that just happen to drive by your house during a garage sale).  Maybe next year you’ll catch me there with a booth selling off some of my crappy awesome stuff.

Layla’s been on a pretzel wave lately, so we hit up the good ole HEB and got her a bag.  She held it the entire time we were at the store… and to the car… and the ride home… and at the house.


Sunday evening, we had Benson, Marsha and Nicky over at the house.  Layla and Nicky had a great time playing.




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