Trailblazer Recall

I never watch the news.  It’s always bad news, and I don’t like to get bummed out, but one Saturday I just happened to watch it.  The report I saw was that certain models of Trailblazers (particularly 2006) are being recalled because the  driver’s side door has a chance of allowing moisture to come in, which in turn can short out the electronics in the door, which in turn can cause a FIRE!  That’s bad…  so bad that they recommend that you keep the truck outside until the recall has been completed.  The funny part of the story is that very morning I was working to clean out my garage so that I COULD put my trailblazer inside!  Since I’ve bought the truck (back in 2006) it hasn’t see the inside of our garage.  Is this a sign?  Am I never to put my car in the garage?  Is all my work in vain?  Yesterday I got the recall completed, so I guess I WILL be able to put the truck in the garage.  Although I still haven’t fully cleaned out my part of the garage, so that’s another hurdle to jump through… but I’m working on it…  Here’s a pic of Layla and I next to my good ole Trailblazer.Layla Saj Truck

3 Replies to “Trailblazer Recall”

  1. A wise person once told me “Don’t park the car in the garage.” I guess that saying is true.


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