UPDATE: Seeding the Lawn

Over the weekend, my Dad and I went to the northside to check on the rental house.  Mainly to get an idea of another fix project we need to do, but we also wanted to check on the progress of the grass.  If you remember I had to seed the lawn because over time it turned into the Sahara Desert.  You can click here, to catch up on that story.  It’s been about 3 weeks since I did the job, so I was hoping for some sprouts to arrive.  Here’s what I found:it's growing!It’s growing!  Not as full as I’d like it to be, but it’s progress none the less…  Unfortunately, this is the only good patch in the entire front lawn!  The rest of the lawn kinda looks like my beard… very patchy.  We did another round of seeding and watered it well.  I was a lot more liberal in the seed coverage.  Hopefully, we’ll have better luck with this round to get more grass to grow!

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