Weekend Review [Aug. 10th Weekend]

This past weekend was a busy one!  But like I’ve said before, busy is good.

Friday, we initially didn’t have any plans until our good friends Tim and Jess invited us to see a Shakespeare play at Miller Outdoor Theater.  We love hanging with Tim and Jess, so we jumped at the opportunity.Shakespeare in the ParkMiller Outdoor Theater is in Hermman Park.  We parked a little further away so we strolled around for a bit before we made our way to the Theater grounds.  It was great to be outdoors and among all the people.  The play itself… wasn’t anything to keep us there, so we decided to bounce out and grab burgers at Burger Palace.Burger PalaceThe burgers and fries were great!  The service, not so much.  I guess we did come in close to closing time, but still… The lady was nice and all, but just not too attentive.  But a good burger is a good burger, so I won’t complain.

Saturday I did a quick bike ride in the morning, just because it’s been soo long since I’ve even looked at my bike.  We’ve got really nice bike/walking trails right outside of our house, so I just need to be better about taking advantage of it.  Then around 10am we headed to Kingwood to visit my cousins Wes, Kasey and their daughter Priya.  It’s always nice to hang out with family.  Especially since we used to hang out soo much.  Kasey put a few bows in Layla’s hair and the girls played for a bit while the adults ate a late breakfast.bow timeIt was raining when we got there, but once the rain settled, we headed to the backyard for some water fun.  Sherry (Wes’ sister) bought a ton of outdoor play gear for Priya, so Wes set up this huge inflatable water-slide that the girls splashed around in.  Then they played in the sandbox where Priya made a volcano that erupted (with the help of baking soda and vinegar).sandbox!Then we headed inside for lunch.  Kasey prepared an awesome meal for us.  It was nice for all of us to simply be together.  After lunch, the girls got elephant rides.elephant rides!Then we needed to head back to our side of town for a birthday party.  Pokie and Julie’s son  CJ turned one!  They had their party at Gymboree Music & Play.  I’ve never been there prior, but it’s awesome!  It’s got a ton of cool things for the kiddos to do.Gymboree PlaytimeAfter the kids had a good amount of playtime, everyone headed over to the dining area for pizza and cake.pizza time!After dinner, the kids had a chance to play a little bit longer in the play room before we had to head out.

Sunday, Sheena was scheduled to speak at Houston’s First Baptist, Sienna Plantation Campus, so we decided to join her for the early service.  By the way, it’s a great campus with great people.  If you’re interested you should totally check it out.  After that service we headed to Living Waters Christian Church for CJ’s dedication service.  Pokie asked me to snap pictures at the birthday party and at the dedication service AND he asked me to bring ice to the party, so I think he felt obligated to invite us to lunch with his family 🙂  He treated us to Bombay Palace.  Initially Sheena and I had plans to take care of things around the house after church, like water the grass, cook lunch and dinner for the week, clean up around the house and things of that nature.  Once Pokie invited us to lunch at an Indian buffet, we basically cleared our schedules for this:sunday napI’m not a fan of the Sunday Nap, but I was forced into it by the buffet.  I think I fell asleep first and my ladies followed shortly after.  Once we finally came to, I made some chai for Sheena and I and then eventually did some of the things on our hit list.  Sheena wanted to make some food, so the mini hipster and I went to visit my Dad for a few hours to give Sheena some uninterrupted time.hipsterLike I said, it was a busy weekend.  But busy is good.


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