Dinner in the Hood

2Pac once said “Life in the Hood is all good for nobody”.  Well, yesterday we had dinner in the hood and it was all good for everybody!  (insert laugh track here).  Our friends Lisa and Sherene live together in a cute little house in 3rd Ward.  Its really not as “hood” as I’m making it seem.  They live on a quiet street with nice neighbors. Don’t get me wrong, parts of the 3rd Ward can get hood, but where they’re at, it’s pretty nice.

But this blog isn’t about the 3rd Ward.  It’s about dinner!  It’s been a while since we’ve been able to hang with Lisa, so she invited us over for dinner.  On the menu:  Thai Styled Red Curry, pan fried seasoned potatoes and rice.dinner!Very tasty!  Sherene asked us what are 8 things we liked about the dish.  I didn’t give her my list at that moment, but here it is:

1.  It’s tasty
2.  When she takes a bite, I don’t have to listen to her talk
3.  I like the plate it’s served on
4.  I like the house we were sitting in when it was served to us
5.  I like the company we had while eating it (Jimmy John was there too!)
6.  The water was refreshing
7.  The table settings were nice to look at
8.  I like making fun of Sherene while I was eating.

8 things, Sherene!  Me saying “it’s good” wasn’t enough?!  Well there’s your 8,  GOSH!

But in all seriousness, dinner was great.  It’s always nice to sit with friends over a nice meal and enjoy each other’s company and conversation.  Layla found it to be a little spicy though.spicy!After dinner, Sherene whipped up a very special peach dessert.  I think she called it an individual peach stuffed pie.  She served it with a side of vanilla bean ice cream… that hit the spot.  I wanted seconds, but was too full to take the plunge. peach pie(photo credit:  Sheena T. Abraham)

Here’s to good friends!dinner matesI noticed that Good Ole Abe was all alone, but looking pretty dapper, so I snapped a shot with him.Abraham squaredThanks for the midweek dinner Lisa and Sherene!

5 Replies to “Dinner in the Hood”

  1. After everyone left I was trying to get Sherene pumped up to clean and i start singing the intro to “eye of the tiger” and then this happened. (see below). She said she was sad everyone left….we’re working on ways to express our feelings without breaking things


    1. Ohh snap! Looks like she was trying to buy more time…. get it.. cause its a huge sand timer!!! Next time don’t sing the “Eye of the Tiger”. That gets people too amped up to where you’re forced to break stuff. The “clean up” song by Barney will suffice.


  2. …I really don’t have a defense here. Sigh, this blog seems to highlight how awesome I am. Thanks Saj.


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