Layla’s 2nd Birthday!

We threw Layla a birthday party this past Saturday, Sept. 14th, 2013.  A month prior, we mentioned the idea of a Minnie Mouse Birthday party and she just couldn’t stop talking about it… so we made it happen.

Saturday morning we got up at 6am to get started.  Sheena was set on baking all of the dessert and I wanted to do some last minute clean up around the house as well.  Around 10:30am our friends Asha and Lisa came over to help us decorate.  Huge help!  It allowed Sheena to focus on all the baking/cooking and for me to do last minute runs to the grocery store and Party City.  Here’s a shot of some of the decor!decor  Around noon everyone started trickling in.  I grilled up some hotdogs in the backyard.  We had chicken fajita sausages and regular beef franks.  Sheena whipped up a fancy mac & cheese  And of course all of the cakes/cupcakes/mini bunt cakes that Sheena made from scratch.cake!dessert tableThe whole party was pretty relaxed, which is how we like to do things.  People just hung out and chatted in various parts of the house.  Through out the party, Sheena and I were relatively busy so we weren’t able to snap many pictures.  The pics that you do see on this blog were from Tim Thomas.  Thanks Tim!  Here’s some shots of the action.Eli Olivia IMG_1349

I guess it’s traditional to say something, so I think this is a shot of me thanking everyone for coming.  I like to talk with my hands.talking hands

Here’s Layla taking her first bite of birthday cake.layla eating cake I don’t know how this started, but we kinda made it a tradition where the birthday person feeds the family some cake. layla feed mommy layla feed appacha

Here’s Lisa showing off her amazing kid skills with Anitha’s daughter Olivia.Lisa mom skillz Here’s Maya being super cute as usual and Earl trying to make her jump for her raspberry.maya cute Afterwards we opened up a few of the gifts.IMG_1351  Layla especially loved playing with the lil baby.IMG_1359Layla’s official birthday is on Sunday, Sept. 15th, but doing a birthday party on Saturday is just easier.  That doesn’t stop my parent’s from hosting another birthday party for Layla on Sunday (blog to follow).  With a 6am start to the day, we were pretty tired, but I didn’t want to pass out early because I wouldn’t sleep that night.  Usually I wouldn’t care but I was doing the Tour de Pink the next morning, so I wanted to be sure I got up on time (blog to follow).  To make sure we didn’t just sit around the house and pass out on the couch we joined Pokie, Julie, Ava and CJ at the Sugar Land Town under the moonIt was nice to stretch our legs and get some fresh air.  The square was hosting a movie under the moon that night, but we just walked around for a bit and chatted.  Layla was pooped (and rightfully so).  She was asleep the entire time we were out.

Happy 2nd Birthday Layla!  You’re awesome!

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