Layla’s 2nd Birthday party… for her 2nd Birthday

Sunday, Sept 15th, 2013 is Layla’s birthday.  Sheena and I threw her a birthday party the day before, but my parent’s really wanted to do something for her as well.  Who am I to stop a party from happening, right?  And Layla loves the attention, so why not!

Mom & Dad ordered some food and invited a bunch of their friends over to their house.  It’s great to have people over and to enjoy each other’s company.  They decorated the entire house with pink and white balloons along with other Minnie Mouse decor.  Layla posed for a pic with Nikhl with her Minnie Mouse ears.buddiesThe house was packed.  People everywhere, but it was time to cut the cake, so everyone made their way to the living room.  Here’s Layla eyeballing the prize!cake time!After everyone left, Mom and Dad busted out their gift to Layla.  A lil motorized ATV!  Here’s her standing rideAnd here’s when she gives it some gas.give it a go!Right now she’s still running into walls, but she’s getting used to it.  Layla loved the party Mom & Dad hosted for her, but I think Mom & Dad loved it more!  My folks enjoy having company over so this was a good reason to do it.

Layla turned 2 and got 2 birthday parties… I hope she doesn’t expect 3 parties next year!

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