Bar Table Update

You might remember that I built a little side bar table in our kitchen a while back. It’s been great!  Sheena’s been using it more than I have.  She keeps her laptop on there and it’s a good little space to get some work done and still be a part of the action (in the kitchen).  The underside of that table was kinda wack in my opinion. before I wish I did a better job in planning it out.  Maybe not use such a bulky piece of wood for the support, but it is what it is, right?  I’ve wanted to use that space for additional storage.  The original idea was to build a little shelf underneath to hide the ugliness and to have extra storage for nik-naks (and patty wacks).  After actually using the space, the original shelf idea would just get in the way.  Layla plays underneath there so she’d probably run her head into the shelf a lot.  I’ve seen people use bar/rods to hang little tin baskets, so we decided to go with that.  afterWe got it from Ikea.  Super cheap and very easy to install.  We bought some little tin baskets from Target a while ago to keep Layla’s crayons and map pencils in.  Since Layla is already accustomed to that space, we decided to hang ’em here.hangin aroundAnd luckily, Layla approves (the storage and the apple).It'll do

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