Chevy S10

Check out my new whip!Chevy S10Awww yeaaa!!! jealous?!  that’s right!  It’s a 1998 Chevy S10!  No A/C, sometimes doesn’t start, manual locks and windows, AND it comes equipped with a cassette player (hook a brotha up with a mix tape)!

This is weird… but I’ve always wanted a crappy pick up.  I don’t know why.  Some people want sports cars, others want a nice luxury ride (I want those too!), but a crappy lil pick-up is not only a “desire”, but it’s functional for me as well.  With the rental homes, personal home projects and wood working projects, its nice to have a lil pick up to do the dirty work.  Now my trailblazer can remain clean (on the inside at least).  I found this “gem” online and got it for a really good deal (considering).  Whatever issues this truck has are fixable, so I’m not tripping.

I was hesitant about posting that I got this truck because I felt that everyone and their mamma would ask me to borrow it… and honestly, I don’t mind if you borrow the truck (for a price).  So if you need a lil pick up for a weekend project, holla at me and we’ll work something out!


4 Replies to “Chevy S10”

  1. Say I gotta a pile of manure and a couple barrels of hay I need to move…YOu free this weekend?

    Also, I can’t wait for you to put Abraham in old English on the back window! Please!


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