I’m not the best at making steaks, but I like trying… so here’s what I did.

I put the skillet in the oven and set it for 500 degrees.  While that was warming up, I got the meat ready.IMG_1448 and only added the basics.Salt PepperAfter that, I coated the steak with olive oil.  Once the oven beeped, I pulled the skillet out (carefully with an oven mitt), placed it on the stove top set on high and slapped the meat on panafter about 30 to 40 seconds I flipped it.flippedAnother 30 to 40 seconds on that side and into the over it goes for 8 minutes.  Halfway through (4 minutes in) I flipped the steak again.  Once it beeped, I took it out of the oven and let it rest on the cutting board.  I like onions, so I karate chopped one in half, then quartered that half.IMG_1455I added a lil olive oil to the mix and briefly sauteed the onions, again while the steak rested.resting meatI like a lil crunch to my onions, so I didn’t cook ’em for long.  I sliced up the steak, dropped the onions on top and it was ready to eat!me hungryI pre-sliced the steak so it’s be easier for us to graze on.  No needs for plates, just eat it off the cutting board!  It was a lil under seasoned and it was cooked to about medium-well (medium rare would have been ideal).  Like I said earlier, I’m not good yet, but I’m working on it!


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