Weekend Re-cap [Oct 5th, 2013]

The weather is awesome this time of year in Houston!  So we did our best to be outdoors.  Friday, Sheena had a work event at a local church and the families were invited as well.  Layla was a bit restless, so we headed to the playground, where we spend a good amount of time…playtime!…until she busted her nose and we had to go back in and find mommy (she’s fine by the way).

Saturday, Layla and I kicked it with my Dad while Sheena was at her work event again.  But later that evening we celebrated Janie Joy’s birthday by going to Brazos Bend State Park!  It’s about 45 minutes south of us, but it was such a beautiful day and a pretty nice drive.  We mainly went there to check out the George Observatory to do some star gazing. We got to the park and roamed around for a bit.  There was a ton of signage warning us about alligators and what to do if you get too close.  Of course we joked about it and went on our merry way.  As we walked, we saw a lil deck to walk onto the lil lake.  IMG_1492

Of course we had to take a quick group pic.IMG_1491but a quick look to our right, we discover a gator!alligatorIt wasn’t that big, but it was close enough to be scary!  We moved on from there and it ended up being an artsy photo shoot.  Jason Joy is an amazing photographer, so he was doing his magic.  I was standing behind him trying to act cool  and snap some pics as well.jumpAfter a few rounds of photos, we headed to the Observatory.  Surprisingly enough, there was quite a few people out there.  The path there was dimly lite, to avoid light pollution that would get in the way of the star gazing experience.the path  Unfortunately a massive cloud was over head and we weren’t able to immediately see the stars through the amazingly massive telescopes.  After a little bit of standing around and chilling, Sheena and I decided to head on home.  Layla was getting pretty tired and I was getting pretty hungry.  Right when we were leaving, the clouds cleared up and we saw an amazing array of stars!  Layla started singing “twinkle twinkle little star” as we walked to the car.  It was an amazing site!  We’ll definitely go back to check things out!

Since we weren’t able to see the stars and planets at the Observatory, after church on Sunday we headed to Jupiter (Pizza & Waffle)… IMG_1504Since the weather was awesome we ate outside.  Man, the food was amazing!  We had a little cheese nibbler called Cheese Nirvana to kick things off.  Then we moved on to our chicken & waffle meals.IMG_1505Too good to describe.  Just go there the next time you’re at Sugar Land Town Square.

Shortly after lunch my good friend Tik called to come hang out for a picnic.  I was stuffed from lunch, but wanted to enjoy the weather, so we headed out again.  To Williams Tower!Williams TowerWe set up shop at the base of the tower.  IMG_1507The place was packed, but there was still enough space to just kick it and throw a frisbee and football around for a bit (which we did).  Then we took a stroll to the Water Wall.IMG_1525


group pic!Layla had a blast just running around.IMG_1521But after all that running, you get tired, so the girls laid out for a bit.IMG_1530We chilled out a little bit longer, and made our way back home.  It was a great weekend!

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