Our House Story

I like real estate.  I like the idea of having a house and making it your own.  When Sheena and I got married, we came back from our honeymoon on a Sunday and signed on our first house that Monday. Here’s a pic of our 1st house the one time it snowed in Houston, back in 2008.1st House

It was a brand new home right outside of Pearland.  We liked it.  We really didn’t do too much to that house because it was so new.  I hated the idea of even painting, because the builder just painted the walls!  But I also like doing projects.  I think all we did to that house was build a garden in the backyard and paint the half bath (horribly).  Click here for a story about our first garden!

I also like the idea of rental property as well.  After about 2 years of living in the “Pearland” House, Sheena and I found a home in Missouri City/Sugar Land, about 20 minutes away. 2nd house

It was closer to a lot of our friends, so that made it nice.  We turned the Pearland House into a rental property and made the move.  This one was an older home, but the previous owners took great care of it, so there wasn’t much work that was needed to be done.  Even still, I wanted to get my hands dirty and do some projects.  We did the following:

Changed out all of the old door knobs from 90’s gold to brushed bronze.  This doesn’t sound like a huge task, but it was!door knobs

Re-sodded our Grass in the front yard (click here!)

Did a “major” backyard project:

Had the Foundation Repaired (click here!)

Had the roof replacednew roof

Had the A/C Unit replaced (click here!)

Built a Bar Table for our kitchen/breakfast area (click here!)

Built some Storage for the Garage (click here!)

Built an Outdoor dining table (click here!)

and a Backyard bench to match (click here!)   

Harassed the City to fix the pooling water/mud in front of the house (click here!)

Built a workbench for the garage (click here!)

Fixed the outside faucet (click here!)  

Got the water main repaired when it busted (click here!)

…and there’s more to come, I’m sure of it.  We really like this house.  Its in a great area and close to everything we need.  I’m always looking for another home, so that we could turn our current house to another rental property, but if it doesn’t happen soon, we’re OK with it.  This house suites us fine!

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