G-Tribe Retreat 2013!

This weekend a bunch of my childhood friends from the hood (G-Tribe) got together in Austin for a lil retreat!  It was a really quick weekend, but really fun to hang with the crew again.  Layla and I hit the road at 5:30am on Saturday morning.  Sheena had to work that day, so she came later via Megabus.  Since it was only going to be Layla and me, I wanted to be driving while she was sleeping, and that’s why we left so early.  Since she was asleep, I didn’t really think to put on music or anything, so the entire 3 hours was pretty silent.  It was a good time to reflect on things but every once in a while Elmo, my co-pilot, would say something meaningless.I’m a huge advocate of wearing your seat belt at all times, but Elmo is a rebel and wouldn’t listen.  He’s a jerk.  About an hour away from Austin, Layla woke up with a smile on her face!on the roadJust FYI, the car was at a complete stop when I snapped this pic, but I’m not great at taking photo’s so excuse the blurriness!  Layla and I chatted the rest of the way until we got to Aaron and Nancy’s house.  We pulled up and everyone was just waking up.  Neil and Dimple came in from Dallas the night before so we all got to kick it for a bit.  About an hour later G, Judy, Nathan, and Nissa showed up!  We all ate some breakfast and put on the T-shirts that Aaron made for us.tshirt time!We hung out for a little bit longer at Aaron and Nancy’s place, then headed to Samir and Mindy’s house.  We were having lunch/dinner there and just gonna hang for the night.  Their house is a child’s paradise.  Mini Bounce house, swing set, a ton of toys… you can’t go wrong!  Here’s some general pics from the weekend:IMG_1666 IMG_1667 IMG_1671 IMG_1674 IMG_1680 IMG_1687

Sheena’s bus came in around 7pm, so Layla and I headed out.  It was a good chance to let Layla have a quick break (nap) while in the car.  We got back to the house around 7:30ish and ate, played games and just kicked it.  Oddly enough, we were all pooped around 10ish!  Pathetic, right?!  But it was a long day.  Half of the group went back to Aaron and Nancy’s house and the other half stayed at Samir and Mindy’s.  The next morning, Samir and Mindy whipped up an awesome breakfast for all of us.  We grubbed down, yet again, hung out for a lil bit longer, snapped a few pics and head back to Houston.

IMG_1691 IMG_1692It was an awesome time, but like I said earlier, it was a really quick trip.  The drive home was longer than expected.  We hit several patches of traffic.  We ended up going straight to Pearland to visit with Sheena’s mom.  Layla helped pick some lemons and tangerines from the backyard.lemon pickerAfter some time in Pearland, we finally made our way back to our house.  Still couldn’t rest because after unloading the truck from the trip, I had to pick up some gear from a gig we had over the weekend.  After putting all that back into the warehouse, I came home only to head back out again to see my parents.  They didn’t see Layla all weekend so we wanted to oblige.  Also, they watched her while Sheena and I went to dinner to celebrate Sherene’s birthday (blog to follow).  After dinner, we scooped up Layla and finally came back home to rest.  As soon as my head hit the bed, I was out.

Really great weekend.  Even though it was packed, it’s nice because we were surrounded by people we love.  That kinda busy is alright with me.

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