Sherene’s Bday!

You might have heard me reference Sherene as No Hugs.  Well, this past Sunday was No Hugs’ Birthday.  We had a very long weekend, but we were back in town in time, so we decided to go and join the celebration with dinner at Queen Vic’s.  The craziest thing happened while at the dinner…. No Hugs actually hugged me!  I didn’t force the hug.  I actually put my hand out to give her a “happy birthday handshake”, but she initiated a hug!  I was blown away.  Here’s a shot of us long after the historic hug took place.IMG_1705A lot of peeps came out.  Apparently Sherene is pretty popular, but I think the power went to her head, because she continued to ask Sam to get everyone’s attention so that she could make an announcement.  The first announcement was that she wanted to share the testimony she said at church for her birthday (word for word!).  Here’s a shot of her sharing and us “listening”.IMG_1700Then she called our attention to show off her princess crown.  I mean, it’s cool and all, especially since it lights up, but you’re a grown up now Sherene!IMG_1706Then she made us all stop what we were doing to sing happy birthday to her and watch her blow out the candles!  She’s so self absorbed, right?IMG_1711But in all seriousness, Happy Birthday Sherene!  I really enjoy making fun of you, but it’s all in good fun (or is it?).IMG_1710

One Reply to “Sherene’s Bday!”

  1. Sajan, I’m going to read between the lines here. Basically you’re thankful and happy for our friendship, I get it. And for that, you are welcome.


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