Weekend Review [Nov. 15 2013]

I’ve known Shelby for a long time.  We went to high school together and now (after many years apart) we live on the same side of town again.  He’s married and has a kid… and since I’m a jerk, I haven’t visited them since the baby’s been born.  With that said, we finally got to hang with them this Friday at Jupiter in Sugar Land Town Square.The CheriansIf y’all know Shelby and are wondering how he is, he’s still that same ole comedian, except now he’s got a lovely wife (Lisa) and a doll of a daughter (Emma).  Layla was a little stand off-ish with Emma for some reason, but after we got home, she asked about hanging out with Emma through the entire weekend!  Typical.

Saturday morning, I woke up at 7am for no good reason!  I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got up, drank some tea and worked on a woodworking project that’s been ongoing (blog to follow whenever I finally get done with it).  Sheena and Layla got up a little later and made really great breakfast tacos.Breakfast TacoIt was excellent!  After I wrapped up the woodworking project, Sheena and Layla headed to Pearland to visit her mom and I had to go in to work to catch up on some things.  Going into an empty office you realize that One truly is the loneliest number. LonelyAlthough I dreaded going in, it was actually great to knock things out.  It made Monday morning a lot less stressful.  I had a gig to deliver gear to, so from downtown I drove straight to the gig.  I love productive days, but I especially love it when multiple things are going on and I’m able to seamlessly work everything in.  After the quick drop off, I headed home and hung out with the family.

On Sunday it was hard to get up because it turned out to be a late night after dropping everything back off at the warehouse from the gig, but Sheena went to church early for practice, and Layla was hungry, so I got up and got the day rolling. After church, we went to Mini Aunty’s house (Sheena’s Aunt) for lunch.  Pastor Jason James and his wife Jyothi are moving to New York at the end of the month, so it was a lunch for them.  I never got to really spend time with them, so it was great to be at that lunch.  I’m really impressed with their efforts and work in Houston and think what they’re doing is great.  Although its a bummer that they’re leaving Houston, I’m excited for what they’re going to be doing in NY!photo_7After lunch we headed home and just chilled at the house.  Later that evening, I took Layla to visit my folks for a bit.  She brought stickers and shared with my Dad.photo_8Then we came home and wrapped up the day.  As I always mention on this blog, I love busy days.  This weekend was pretty packed, but it was nice because it was spent with family and friends.

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