Weekend Updated [Nov. 22, 2013]

This weekend was busy (I always say that!).  As the weekend approached, I really had nothing I needed to do… until I got a text from my renter saying there was a leak.  So Saturday went from sleeping in, to find babysitting and work in an attic.  Sheena had to work, Sheena’s mom was attending a funeral and my folks were going to the IPC Inauguration.  Luckily, the new IPC building is right next to my rental house, so I dropped Layla off with my folks and got to work.  Apparently water was coming out of the A/C filter vent from the ceiling onto the floor.Water LeakAfter looking at everything and trying to identify where water might have come in, I think due to the heavy rain and winds, a lot of water got in via the A/C Exhaust pipe, landed on the A/C return vent and seeped it’s way through the metal grate on the ceiling.  Unfortunately everything was bone dry except for around the A/C return vent, so I was unable to identify with certainty where the water was coming from.  I guess the cold wind was enough to dry things up.  There was no real resolution to it, so I just asked them to keep an eye on it and let me know if things get worse.  After running a few more errands, I scooped up Layla from my parents at IPC again and headed home.

We made plans to check out Artcrawl.  It happens once a year and it’s pretty fun. It’s an opportunity to see the Houston art scene and get to talk to the artist and check out their studios.  Tim and Jess rolled with us and Sherene and Jimmy met us up there.  Here are some pics from the night (photo credit to Tim Thomas).IMG_0276 IMG_0285 IMG_0295One of the highlights for me was to actually talk to one of the artists, David Graeves.  He was nice enough to show us around his workshop.David Graeves IMG_0336 IMG_0343We did some more walking around and had an opportunity to do some art work of our own!  One of the artists had a canvas out and let visitors paint whatever they wanted on it.  I opted to paint a flower.IMG_0406A lot of the studios were walking distance from each other, so we did the cold stroll and snapped some pics along the way.IMG_1758 IMG_1760Looking at art gets you pretty hungry, so we made the quick drive to the Original Ninfas on Navigation.Original NinfasThere was an hour wait, but it was well worth it!  After dinner, we basically ended to night.

We decided to check out IPC’s Sunday service because it was Pastor Jason James’ last service there.  Luckily Tim and Jess agreed to come with us!  2 days in a row with the Thomas’!  They came by the house and treated us with some Shipley’s donuts and kolaches!IMG_0558The new IPC building is pretty awesome!  Very thoughtfully planned.  Its very evident that they took a lot of things into consideration when designing the building.IMG_0561 IMG_1762It was also great to see old and new faces at IPC.  A refreshing change of pace.  After church, we went to a new spot near our house called Fat Bao.  They are taco styled dishes.  It’s kinda like food truck food grub at a sit-down restaurant.  I really liked it.  Plus since each bao is pretty small, you can by a variety of ’em to get different tastes! IMG_0633 IMG_1763 They even made dessert baos as well.IMG_0639 (photo credit:  Jessica Thomas)IMG_1765I’d recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a light snack, or buy a bunch of ’em and get a full meal!  I walked away satisfied.  At around $3 a pop, they’re a good deal!

It was great to spend that much time with Tim and Jess!  They’re great peeps!  Later that evening, we visited my folks so that they could get their Layla fix and finally called it a night.  This week will be a short one due to Thanksgiving which is awesome!  Enjoy the week and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. My family and I are new to Houston. How do you find out about things like art walk?


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