Brick Fence

I came home one day to find a note wedged in my door jam.  It was from a fence company on behave of my Home Owners Association.  Apparently, we’re getting a new brick fence off of our main road!  My house backs up to that main road, so that means….. I’M GETTING A NEW BRICK FENCE IN MY BACKYARD!  Very odd thing to get excited about, right?  WRONG!  This is awesome on many levels.  Added security, a cool look for my backyard and muffled road noise just to name a few.  Here’s some before pics of our backyard.City FenceNot too long ago, I replaced our fence just to make things look a little nicer.  Since our back fence belongs to the city, I wouldn’t (and couldn’t) change that out, so it’s great that the HOA is doing it for us!Our vs City FenceBelow is a pic of the general view from our back door.  That whole fence you see belongs to the City and the main road is behind it.view from houseRight now we can hears cars whizzing by, people chatting as they walk the trail and things of that nature.  Here’s a shot of the roadside view of the City Fence:IMG_1596 IMG_1597The letter states that they will be tearing down the old fence (of course), so now I’m nervous that the entire world is going to see how crappy my backyard usually is!  I tend to do clean up whenever we’re doing something back there with friends or family… now I’ve got to clean it up for the entire world (actually, just the residents of the Sugar Land area)!  But that’s not  a big deal.  I’m just excited about the new fence!

Each step of progress that I see would get me amped up.  First I saw a truck drop off loads of bricks along the boulevard.  Then my fence came down!IMG_1638Looks like someone kicked down the corner pillar!IMG_1640Here’s the view from my backyard:fence down! IMG_1643As you can see, our privacy is pretty much gone for now.  The lack of privacy is dully noted by Jim Varghese via Facebook.fb post  I think the fence company tried their best with the black tarp seen above, but it doesn’t give that much coverage.  I put up some tarps myself (they were on sale at Harbor Freight)tarped up It did the job well of giving privacy while the construction was going on.  Once they start making the walls, it’s pretty impressive on how fast they can churn ’em out!  Unfortunately we started getting pretty crappy weather, so it slows down the progress:IMG_1767 IMG_1768It’s really taking shape!

The day that we were leaving for India (blog to follow) they completed our portion of the fence!  You can imagine what a relief that was!  Here are some shots of the finished product!IMG_1773 IMG_1774

Here’s the view from our backyard!IMG_1775 IMG_1777Needless to say, I’m happy!  It took longer than I expected but that was in part due to bad weather.  Once they got going on the brick work, it actually came up pretty fast!  Now they’re working on the rest of the main road so I guess a lot of other homeowners are experiencing the same joy that I feel right now!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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