Jolly & Blesson’s Baby Shower

Over the weekend, we threw a lil baby shower for Blesson and Jolly.  It wasn’t anything too big, but we wanted to do something for them, since they’ll be heading back to Chicago and we probably wouldn’t seem them till after the baby is born.  Here’s some shots from the party:IMG_1825 IMG_1826 IMG_1827 Wes only had one job and that was to tie the balloons somewhere.  In that process, he let one slip.  As the day progressed, that single balloon was joined by additional balloons the kiddos released.  IMG_1828 IMG_1829 Here’s a shot of the parents-to-be:IMG_1831After the party was done, a few of us just hung out afterwards.  Priya and Layla hand a good ole time together.IMG_1833 Wes, Kasey, Sherry, Blesson, Jolly, Sheena and I busted out a few instruments and started jamming out later in the evening.  The girls joined us for a bit, but after a lil while they snuck off and watched a movie together.IMG_1836The past few days since Blesson and Jolly have been here have been jam packed with things to do.  It’s fun because we get to hang out with family and friends, but it gets exhausting as well.  Good times!

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