Christmas 2013

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Christmas!!!  This year my brother Blesson and sister (Bless’ wife) Jolly came down to Houston for the holiday.  She’s prego, so this is our first time actually seeing the baby bump!  Christmas day was a busy one for us.  Since they were in town, I set up the Christmas tree at my parent’s house and we did our gift opening there.Christmas Tree  We had a huge breakfast prepared by Blesson and Jolly.  Then afterwards we opened up presents.  Needless to say, Layla was super excited to open up her gifts and hand out gifts to everyone gifts   This “typical” Christmas is not very typical for us.  Growing up we never put up a tree and placed gifts under it.  Usually, when we want something we just go out and get it.  But with Layla it kinda changes the game.  We (Sheena/me, grandparents, uncles/aunts) all get joy from seeing her so excited, so it’s just another reason to see Layla’s face light up.  Here’s a pic of Layla with one of her gifts:IMG_1806

For lunch our good friends Pokie and Julie hosted a Christmas party.  It was a packed house with a ton of great food.  This is why I love this season…  endless supply of really good food and time to hang with good friends.  Here’s  a shot of the kiddos around Pokie and Julie’s Christmas tree.IMG_1807And here’s a silly one with them cheering for Christmas:IMG_1815

After Pokie and Julie’s party, we headed out to Wes and Kasey’s house (our cousins who live in Kingwood).  Every year they host a “leftover party”.  It’s where everyone brings their leftovers from the day and we all eat, play games and just hang out with each other.  This year there were fireworks.  Here’s a blurry shot of the big show:IMG_1816They also had sparklers, we got a little creative and started spelling out words and clicking pics on a slow shutter speed (a lil trick Sheena picked up through her photog research).

cool love noel snow

As the night progressed, we ate, played games and Layla played dress up with her cousin Priya.  She specifically wanted to come downstairs to show off her princess dress:IMG_1819The night ended around 1am for us, so I didn’t get home till about 2am.  Getting up the next day for work was tough, but well worth it.

Merry Christmas!

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