JoAnna + Togy = #JoTo

This past weekend, Sheena and I headed up to Dallas for our good friend Togy’s wedding.  Since we just came back from India the week before and both Sheena and I were going to be busy emceeing the reception, we dropped Layla off with my parents on Saturday morning.  Layla was super excited to be spending the weekend with them, so that was a relief!

We headed out early on Saturday morning, but due to heavy rain, it took us about 5 hours to get to the hotel.  After all the driving we did in India, 5 hours was nothing!  We got there in enough time to enjoy lunch with our friend Lisa at Burger Fi (btw, really good burgers!).

After lunch, Sheena and I basically prepped for our emcee duties and headed to the church.  The church they picked (Messiah Lutheran Church) was beautiful!  Apparently it’s only been open for a year.  Here’s some shots of the wedding ceremony.IMG_1780

Lisa had a solo during the ceremony.  She did a pretty great job!IMG_1787

Here’s a shot of the bridal party enjoying Lisa’s soloIMG_1788

The ceremony went smoothly.  It started right on time (at 5pm) and ended at 5:40pm!  After the processional, I made a quick announcement inviting all the guests to the reception.  We got a room at the Hyatt (where the reception was held).  It was sooo great to be able to run up to the room before the actual reception started to drop off the unnecessary things and enjoy the reception!  The food at the reception was great, but in particular the cheeses during cocktail hour was awesome!  I know that’s an odd thing to highlight, but they were really great!IMG_1789IMG_1790 Throughout the reception, there were a number of things going on.  Speeches, slideshows, milk ceremony…. here’s a shot of the couple enjoying a dance done by their friends.IMG_1793 As we conducted the reception, we established a hashtag so that the guest that are on twitter and facebook can share their thoughts and pics of the event.  If you’d like to see ’em, search #joto!  After the bouquet toss we finished our duties of being emcee and passed it back to DJ Intense to get the dance floor going.  Here’s a shot of Togy and JoAnna getting things warmed up with a few friends.IMG_1794

Sheena and I have known Togy for a long time.  Our relationship was built during our college years at UH.  So his wedding felt like a flashback of our good ole college days!IMG_1798(photo credit:  Lisa Varughese)

We woke up on Sunday morning and was able to have breakfast with the groom!  That never happens!  It was nice to be able to sit and relax with both Togy and JoAnna before we headed back to Houston.

Overall a really great weekend!  A huge congrats to Togy and JoAnna!  Be blessed on your life together!

first dance

(photo credit:  Siju Koshy)

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  1. Sajan, thanks for giving me photo credits for the group picture. Although, I have to say one hand was on Siju and the other on Stayson; So I CLEARLY did NOT take the picture. You did! You just used my wack phone and covered up my face with your hand shadow…thanks for that too!


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