Refurbishing Furniture

We had a community garage sale that we participated in.  We had a few items we wanted to sell, but not really that much stuff.  Coincidentally, an old friend of mine (Betsy) reached out to me to see if I wanted some of their older furniture to re-purpose.  They’re moving in the near future and didn’t want to move stuff that they’re not using.  So in their purging process, I gained some additional items to try to sell at the garage sale.  I made the LOOOONNNGGGG journey to their house (jk, it wasn’t that far) and loaded up the truck with whatever I could bring with me.  Jaya helped me load and Tosby supervised… IMG_2042 After a slow drive back home, I made it in one piece!IMG_2043The furniture probably would have been fine just to bring straight to the Garage Sale as-is, but I thought I could get a little more out of it if I spurced it up a bit.  More particularly the dresser. IMG_2081It wasn’t too big of a job.  Just rip out the old-school liner: IMG_2083 Take off the old-school knobsIMG_2084Then take it all apart and sand it down, piece by piece. IMG_2085

I had some bluish white paint leftover from a previous project, so I decided to paint it that color to freshen it up.IMG_2087 After it all dried up, Sheena, Layla and I went to Lowes and picked up some new hardware to update it a bit.

Here’s the finished product:IMG_2089 IMG_2090 IMG_2091I was going to do an overhaul on the picnic table and chairs…IMG_2079 but due to time constraints I simply sanded it down a bit and used some mineral water to clean it off.IMG_2080Its pretty nice.  The chairs are comfy and the table is pretty sturdy too! IMG_2092

These items didn’t get sold at the garage sale.  I think it’s because people were really shopping for smaller items.  I noticed that other “vendors” really didn’t sell their larger items either.  If you needed a truck to haul it away, it pretty much didn’t get purchased.  If anyone is interested in this stuff, gimme a holla!

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  1. Didn’t even see this post! Too bad it didn’t sell, but you did a fantastic job. Thanks for helping us out!


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