This past weekend was Neil and Rita’s wedding weekend in Baltimore!  We had a great time.  These guys really know how to host a party!  Rita’s family and friends were all soo hospitable and made things so nice for us!

Sheena and I drop off Layla with my folks on Thursday night because we had a 6am flight to catch.  Here’s our semi-awake faces at the airport.airportOnce we touched down (around 10am), we got settled into the Westin (which is amazing by the way) and hit the ground running.westinThere was a lot on the agenda for the weekend.  Friday morning, a great majority of the guests were flying in, so Neil’s family provided lunch for all of us as we arrived.  It was nice to hang with everyone as they trickled in.  Friday night was the Garba, so everyone got dressed up.  Here’s some shots from Friday night.IMG_2139 IMG_2141 IMG_2142Afterwards, we all hung out in the lobby.  The Westin was laid out great for us to have multiple “lounge” areas for people to congregate and just chill.  In particular, each floor had a little sitting area next to the elevators.  As the night progressed, we scooped up some McDonalds and grubbed down at the 5th floor “lounge”.  It seems like the entire wedding party was on the 5th floor.  While we were hanging there, people would pop in and hang with us as they went to and from their rooms.  It was great!  I think they would actually stop and talk to us only to snag a chicken nugget on their way out…

Friday was a late night, but that didn’t stop us from grabbing our free breakfast on Saturday morning!IMG_2143 After breakfast, everyone got dressed and ready for the wedding ceremony.  Here’s a few shots from that morning. IMG_2144We were having a little fun before the Baraat.  The Baraat consisted of a mobile DJ driving around the parking lot as the Groomside danced towards the wedding ceremony to be greeted by the Bride’s side.  We worked up a sweat doing that. IMG_2146 IMG_2147 IMG_2149IMG_2151IMG_2153After the ceremony, we snapped a ton of pictures and headed back to the room to change.  We were setting out to go to G&M Restaurant & Lounge.  It was highly recommended from everyone we spoke to.  While we were waiting for the shuttle to bring us to the restaurant, an old school Rolls Royce pulled up carrying the newlyweds.IMG_2155 IMG_2157 IMG_2161 IMG_2162It worked out well so that we could greet the couple!  The shuttle took a while to actually come, and the Rolls was just sitting there, so we had some fun with that… but that’s a video I’ll post up later.

Lunch was great.  The crab-cakes where huge!  Food soo good, I didn’t have time to snap any pics of it before we ate it all!  After lunch we rushed back to relax for a little bit.  Suited up and met everyone in a conference room that Neil and Rita set up for us.  It was awesome.  We had a butler that would bring us food and drinks, which made things very easy for us.IMG_2164 IMG_2165The reception got started and we all had a blast!  It was great to just be with all of the friends and celebrate Rita and Neil’s big day.IMG_2166 IMG_2167 IMG_2169Overall, it was a great weekend!  By Sunday we were ready to be home.  Both Sheena and I really missed Layla, so we were anxious to see her.  By the time we touched down, got our luggage, scooped up Layla and got settled, it was about 10pm on Sunday.  Needless to say, it was an exhausting weekend, but totally worth it!

Congrats Rita and Neil!

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