Weekend Review [4/25/14]

The highlight of this weekend was Allie’s 3rd birthday party!  Before the party on Saturday, Sheena and I needed some social interaction on Friday.  The weather was great, so we made our way to Sugar Land Town Square.  We called a few peeps and it just so happened that a few of our friends were already there, so we joined the party.  Sherry Alexander (a friend that got married and moved to NY) was in town, so that was a pleasant surprise to see her and her family.  After grubbing down at Jupiter, we let the kiddos run around a bit in the square.IMG_2180 Here’s a shot of some of the ladies with the kiddos.IMG_2198Saturday, Sheena whipped up some pancakes and I made some chai (that’s becoming a Saturday tradition as of late) and we had a nice leisurely morning.  Around 11:30, we headed to Allie’s 3rd Birthday party.  It was at a bouncy house so I assumed that Layla was going to get crazy excited about it.  The drive up, she was excited and ready to play, but when we got there, she got a lil shy… eventually she warmed up and had a good time.  Here’s some shots from the party.IMG_2182 IMG_2183 IMG_2185 IMG_2189 IMG_2192 IMG_2193 IMG_2194And here’s a shot of the birthday girl, on her throne, with her crown!IMG_2187Here’s a shot of the bounce house.  Tell me if you see anything fishy about this pic…bounce houseI didn’t realize when I took the pic, but there were more adults hopping on the slide than kiddos!  I’m just kidding of course.  Those kids were all over that slide!  But it was fun for the adults too!… but very tiring!

Sunday after church we were invited to a friend’s house for some pool time and fishing.  We really didn’t come prepared to swim or fish, but we thought it’d be fun to hang for a bit.  Layla enjoyed putting her feet in the water.IMG_2196 …and laying out on the grass after eating some chips and a hot dog!IMG_2197I forgot how the sun just sucks up all your energy.  When we got home, we all laid out for a bit.

Fun weekend.  Now that the summer is basically here, we’re excited to be outside more!

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