Moving Offices

The Houston Office of Paul Hastings has been up and running for 2 years now.PH  We were on the 54th floor in Wells Fargo Plaza.  I think it’s a pretty nice building.  Great views, decent location to shops/restaurants… overall, a good space.  Wells Fargo Plaza

But we’ve moved!  The past few weeks have been a purging process.  I’ve thrown away stuff that’s been sitting since the day I started at PH!  Everything else has been boxed up or dumped into a crate to be moved.IMG_2202 IMG_2203 IMG_2204

Now we’re in the Chase Tower on the 58th floor.  We basically walked out of our old space on Friday and came to our new space on Monday ready to roll.  I’m sure the moving crew along with IT worked so hard to get everyone moved in properly (which is greatly appreciated!).  The move was so seamless.  Basically, load up creates in the old space and unload ’em the way you like in the new space.  Here are some pics of our new digs.

Chase TowerIMG_2245 Here’s some new metro-rail construction right in front of the building.IMG_2246 The sky deck on the 6oth floor.IMG_2247 IMG_2248 Here’s a shot of my officeIMG_2249 IMG_2250 …and a peak outside my window.  You can look right into Minute Maid Park!IMG_2251I’m kinda scared to unpack.  Right now everything is so nice and clean.  I’m sure in the next few days I’ll litter the office with all my papers and files… but I guess that’s what needs to happen.


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