Guest Room/Office Flip

Currently, our “guest room” is connected to Layla’s play room… which doesn’t give much privacy to any of our over night guests.  It’s set up that way because our 4 bedroom house has two of the rooms combined.  The previous owner took down a wall to create one larger room.  Here are some pics to hopefully paint a better idea.  Please excuse the mess!

guest play rm

invisable wall

We have our front room as a dedicated office, but as time progressed we realized that it wasn’t needed.  It actually became a “catch all” room (which is pretty embarrassing). IMG_2469

Now that we have another baby on the way, we thought it’d be good to have a more private guest room and move the office into the current guest room.  That would make the office/play room more of a multi-use space for us.  The idea is to eliminate the use of one of our desks.  Its easy to get rid of the actual desk, but we needed storage for all the stuff that was on it.  Best option?  Take advantage of the wall space by utilizing shelves.  First I put up some painter’s tape to get a rough idea of what it would look like.


I wanted to build the shelves myself, but time was ticking, so a quick trip to Ikea did the trick.  I went with one longer shelf on wall brackets and 2 shorter floating shelves beneath it.  I won’t bore you with the pics of how I mounted ’em, but just know there was a whole lot of measuring, marking the walls, drilling holes and using sheet rock anchors to mount the shelves.  Here’s the finished product:  IMG_2467

Next goal is to clear out Sheena’s desk to move to the new office space.  We’ll see how long it actually take for me to make that happen!



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