Ezra P. Abraham

Our son is here!  Here’s the story of how it went down!

On Wednesday, Sheena was having bare-able contractions throughout the day.  They weren’t close to 5 minutes apart… more like 15 to 30 minutes apart, so we let it ride.

Wednesday evening, the contractions got stronger and closer together.  Still not consistently 5 minutes apart, but pretty close.  I brought Layla to my parent’s house, just in case we needed to go to the hospital.  Sheena’s mom came over and suggested that we go ahead and call the doc.  Doc said take her to the hospital, so I did!  During the 10 minute drive to the hospital, it seemed like the pain got worse.

Now it’s roughly 9:30pm or 10pm.  We get to the hospital (Sugar Land Methodist), I ditch my car under the carport and grab a wheelchair.  I wheel Sheena to the Labor and Delivery wing and get everything checked in.  The way Sheena was in pain, the nurse thought she would deliver very soon… so we skipped triage (where they check to see if you’re actually going into labor) and went straight to the delivery room.  It was a really nice room!  We got a corner room that was huge.  It even had it’s own waiting area!  It was very private, which was great!  After the nurse checked her out…. 1cm dilated!  For those that do not know, that’s not much.  You have to be 10cm dilated to have the baby.

The nurse said that they’ll monitor things for an hour and see if things progress.  If not, we’d have to go home… if so, Sheena can be officially admitted and we can stick around till the baby comes.  So the prayer was “please let Sheena be dilated enough to stay, but not too far along that she can’t get the epidural”.  After an hour, Sheena gets checked and she’s 7cm dilated!  This is awesome news!  The prayer immediately after that was “please let her still be able to get the epidural!”.  Luckily, that was the case.  She got drugged up and then we waited.

Ezra was born at 9:03am on Thursday (8/14/14).  The delivery went very smoothly.  The experience we had with Layla was good, but this was even better!  The staff was amazing!  They were so informative and walked us through every process.  We didn’t get that kind of care last time so it was greatly appreciated!

There was a super moon the night before, so that brought in a lot of deliveries.  The place was packed!  We had to leave our spacious delivery room for a smaller “stay” room.  It wasn’t bad at all, but it was hard to leave such a nice room!

On a side note, Greg Nelson (a partner at the firm I work for) sits on the board for the Methodist Hospitals in Houston.  He apparently dropped an email to the CEO of Sugar Land Methodist that we were there.  After we got into our “stay” room, Chris Siebenaler (the CEO) came and visited us.  The nurses seemed to make a big deal of it.  It was very nice that he would go out of his way to introduce himself and check on us!

The stay was great, but by Friday night we were ready to be home.  Saturday around noon, we were discharged from the hospital and made our way home!

Here are some pics from the past few days.





Ezra amazed at how beautiful his Mom is:



Sheena’s mom with Ezra and Sheena:



My folks with Layla checking out Ezra:



Blesson (my brother) with his son Bruce and Layla:



Ezra giving a taste of is vocal skills to Shane (Sheena’s brother):




Layla was trying to sneak a peak




Layla is a proud big sister!



Some love from big sis:




Home and comfy



His full name is Ezra Perumbalathu Abraham.  The middle name is our family name on my Dad’s side.  I thought it’d be good for him to carry that on.  Luckily, Sheena agreed!

Thanks for all of your prayers, well wishes and visits.  We’ll probably post more pics later, but just wanted to kick off a post introducing our son!


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