Layla’s Tonsillectomy

On Friday (Nov. 14/2014), Layla had a tonsillectomy.  It’s a “common” surgery, but its surgery none the less.  And as any parent would be, we were worried about the entire process.  We were scheduled for a 7:30am surgery time slot, so we had to be there at 5:30am.  It was at the Memorial Hermann in Richmond.  Great facility and awesome staff!  Like I said, we were concerned about the entire process, but the staff and the doc (Dr. Jalal), did an amazing job keeping us informed about the entire process.

So like I said, we got there at 5:30am.  That meant we were up at 4am to get ready.  Turns out, we were the first ones at the hospital.  The girls took a quick nap while we waited.



While we waited I met a really nice lady that was pouring compliments about Layla and Sheena (while they slept).  She was soo sweet to us.  She was there because someone she knew was also having surgery that day.  She was a grandmother, so she felt so bad that Layla had to go in for anything.  This perfect stranger was soo nice, that she went out and got Layla a stuffed doll to make her feel better.  Crazy nice, right?!

Layla was super brave the entire time.  Here’s a pic of her getting prepped.


Right before taking her back, they gave her some medication called Versed, which is basically 3 margaritas in a single oral syrupy shot.  She was acting super loopy!  It was hilarious!  I wanted to film her, but there where too many people in the room.  In an effort to not look like a horrible dad, I just snapped a few pics.

IMG_3285 IMG_3287

The surgery went very smoothly.  Sheena and I hung out in the waiting room.  My folks, brother and nephew came (with kolaches) and hung out with us.  The staff did an awesome job of keeping us up-to-date on what was going on.  In the middle of the surgery, we got a call in the waiting room to let us know that they were half way done.  After she woke up, they wheeled her to her room and we hung out over night for monitoring.  Later I scooped up Sheena’s Mom and Ezra to come visit.


The family brought some balloons when they came to visit.  Layla loves balloons.


The Hospital even gave Layla a bunch of toys and games while she stayed there that she was able to take home with her!  We were finally discharged on Saturday morning.  We were invited to go to Vini’s engagement, but were not able to make it (of course), so the next best thing was to stream it via Chromecast!

IMG_3293 IMG_3294


Technology, right?!  Layla did amazingly well and recovered very quickly.  What’s more amazing is how immediate the changes were to her eating and sleeping.  She’s got a better appetite and she sleeps with no interruptions.  The reason we decided to do the surgery was because while she slept, she wouldn’t sleep very peacefully and would occasionally stop breathing for a second.  On top of that, she wasn’t a great eater, which concerned us since she’s one of the smallest in her age bracket.  Her doc recommended the tonsillectomy and now that it’s done, I’m glad we did it!


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