My Week with the Kids!

Beginning on Nov. 17th, I took the entire week off to spend it with my kids.  I did the same when Layla was born as well.  Its nice to be able to disconnect from work (sorta disconnect.. I still worked a bit while on vacation) and just be there with the kids.  Layla had her tonsillectomy as well, so it worked out that I was home so that she didn’t have to go to school.  The agenda for the week?  Nothing!  We sat around and simply hung out!  Here are some pics:



Ezra was watching Layla do some serious crossword puzzles.



When I did have to work, Layla would join me in the office while Ezra napped in the room (I checked on him via the monitor)




When had to go outside, we made sure to bundle up (while maintaining “super cute” status)



Sometimes Layla couldn’t join me while I worked because a very important cartoon was on TV, so I’d watch ’em both from the office via the monitor



Ezzy’s learning how to hold the bottle himself






Sometimes (rarely), they would both be asleep at the same time… and there was peace throughout the house




Saturday night we hung out with some friends to celebrate Manju’s birthday.



Maya and Layla played with all of Gia’s fun toys!



We even set up the Christmas tree!  It’s a little early, but if I’m going through the work of setting it up, I want to maximize the usage!



Layla and I did a quick trip to Home Depot on Sunday, but she passed out midway through shopping.


It was great.  I loved being able to spend time with both of ’em.  Usually if I have any time off, I engulf myself in various projects or things that need to be done around the house.  It was a nice change of pace to not worry about all those “things” and simply be with the kids.  I feel blessed!

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