Thanksgiving 2014!!!

Thanksgiving is a great time!  We were able to spend it with family and friends… and the best part… it revolves around food!  Here’s what our Thanksgiving weekend looked like!

Wednesday – Potluck dinner at Pratik and Silky’s house:

Tik and Silky were gracious enough to have a bunch of us over to their place for dinner.  Everyone brought amazing dishes!


The kids got along well.  They played and ate together!

IMG_3368 IMG_3364

Vijay saw the hunger in my eyes, so he offered to hold Ezzy while I grubbed down!


Thursday – Thanksgiving dinner at Mom & Dad’s house hosted by Blesson and Jolly:

Jolly has a ton of family in Houston, so Bless and Jolly hosted Thanksgiving at my parent’s house.  Once again, a ton of delicious food (the pic below is just the tip of the iceberg)!

IMG_3375 IMG_3376

Another group of kiddos, but again, they all got along really well!

IMG_3377 IMG_3379

Towards the end of the night, the kids got a hold of some instruments and put on a show for us!


Friday – Lunch with Jeswin & Stephanie:

Stephanie is family to me and a very good friend to Sheena.  She’s family by way of my cousin Wes/Sherry/Shirley.  We all met up at Cracker Barrel and grubbed down… again.






Cracker Barrel is also a gift shop, so Stephanie/Jeswin along with Sherry bought the kids a bunch of gifts!  Now I’ve got a pink stuffed unicorn in my living room along with other things!

Saturday – Relax:

There was nothing “official” planned, so we leisurely woke up and kicked it the entire day.  We bought some Apple Butter from Cracker Barrel the other day, so I made some breakfast to work that in!


Our friends Bibby and Kavitha invited us over to hang out that evening, so Layla and I went over.  Sheena and Ezzy were too tired, so they stayed home.  Here’s some shots of the kids enjoying the good food and fun games.



Sunday – Church and recover from all the eating:

After church we grubbed on some leftovers and just hung out.  The weather was nice and the kids were dressed from church, so we snapped a few pics on our backyard.


Long weekends are the best.  Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday now because there is no pressure revolving around it.  It’s simply about hanging out with family and friends and eating really good food.  Can’t beat that!

2 Replies to “Thanksgiving 2014!!!”

  1. Long time reader, first time poster here! It was good seeing you at Tilky’s place! Sounds like a great Thanksgiving weekend!


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