Christmas 2014!

This Christmas was Ezra’s first!  We couldn’t wait to give him his gift (because it was a bouncy seat that’ll keep him occupied) so we let him “open” the gift a lil early.  He loved it!

IMG_3486 IMG_3494

We went to Layla & Ezra’s school for their Winter Festival.  It’s where the parents bring a dish (preferably an ethnic dish representing their culture) and we all sit and eat.  The kids do a lil song and dance too for the parents to enjoy.


Our friends Bibby and Kavitha hosted a Christmas party at their house.  It was straight up like a club in there!


Layla and I were one of the first that came, but people slowly started to trickle in.

IMG_3504 IMG_3505

Layla couldn’t resist hugging Santa.


At the party was a good mix of people.  With this blog, I never really know who reads it.  The stats only show me numbers as to how many people read.  Bency was at the party and mentioned that he reads it, so I wanted to give him a quick shout out!


Blesson and I found the Elf on the Shelf.  Things got a lil heated between Bless and the Elf.


But they made peace with each other and posed for a pic with B and Pokie.



The next day, Blesson and Jolly came over and we opened gifts.


Layla loved ripping through the wrapping paper…


And giving Brucey his gift too


Later that day Andy and Nancy (Sheena’s cousins from Oklahoma), came to town and stayed with us a few days.  Tessy, Tyson and Layla quickly formed a band.


And ate snacks while looking cute.


Ava and Ezzy hung out too.


The weather was nice, so we thew the kids into a wagon and hauled ’em to the park.




Layla really enjoyed spending time with her cousins!


A “Christmas Miracle” we had was Layla sleeping in her own bed!  It’s still in our room, but still a big step!


Christmas morning was pretty chill.  We got up, ate some breakfast and opened gifts.

IMG_3562 IMG_3566

All of our immediate family was out of town, so that was kind of odd/sad, but we had a good time, just the 4 of us.  As the day progressed, Layla and I broke out and played at the park before we had to get ready to go to my cousin’s house.


Its a tradition that we go to my cousin’s house (Wes and Kasey) on Christmas night.  We usually hang out till 4am and we just play games all night.  This time around, we only stayed till around 10pm and headed out. Kids really change things up!  Here’s a pic of Hope holding Ezzy.  The bow tie Ezzy is wearing double as a drool catcher.


The next day we just chilled.  We had breakfast at the Egg and I.


And that evening, we had dinner with friends.  Reji and Reena came to town from Chicago, so we were able to spend some time with them.


Saturday, we hung at the house.  Some friends and I’ve known for a long time came over for lunch and we kicked it for a while.  Mike & Joann came in from San Francisco, Aaron & Nancy were in from Austin and G & Judy made the drive from the northside.  We quickly realized that there are a lot more kids in our gathers now!

IMG_3579 IMG_3589

Layla has a large collection of princess dresses and fairy paraphernalia.  Joann though it would be “fun” to dress her son, Austin as a fairy.  I thought it was pretty jacked up, but he looked too cute, so I had to snap a pic!  Mike (Austin’s dad) was crying in the corner.


Sunday, we went to church, had lunch with some friends and came home.  Ezzy was dressed up as a fancy bear and was ready to hibernate.


The Christmas season is awesome.  Outside of the cold weather, I love this time of year.  You feel forced to spend time with your family and friends (in a good way).  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2 Replies to “Christmas 2014!”

  1. Loved seeing y’all! Thanks for hosting us. And thanks to Layla for letting Austin borrow her dress up clothes! He lived those wings!


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