Weekend Review [July 24th, 2015]

This weekend was busy, but not crazy busy.  On Friday, we basically hung out because Saturday, both Sheena and I had work to do relatively early in the day.  Sheena had a food fair to manage and I had a wedding reception to provide Audio/Visual gear for.  Saturday morning, I dropped the kids off with my folks and loaded up the gear.  It went pretty smoothly!  Shawn Koshy, ran the actual gig, so that gave me time in between setting up and tearing down to spend time with the kids.  When I got back to tear down the gear, everyone was still at the venue, including these two.


Sheba made fun of me a bit because I had jeans and a batman t-shirt on.  Apparently, that’s not appropriate wedding reception attire.  After Shawn and I tore everything down, we loaded up the truck and I made my way back to the warehouse to drop if all off.


(BTW, this is my “new” truck that replaced the red Chevy S-10 I recently sold).

It is soooo hot this summer.  It’s hot every summer, but I always forget until summer comes back around… Thank God for Air Conditioning!  Sheena’s event was outdoors as well.  We really didn’t do much else on Saturday because Sheena and I were both drained from the Sun.  Sunday morning we decided to go to Ecclesia for church.  Our friend Denise attends there, so we wanted to visit with her.  We haven’t visited Ecclesia since they’ve moved into their new building.  It’s amazing!





Everything was very thoughtfully designed.  I really love it!  What a nice church.  Great vibe.  They even had a photo-booth there as well!


After service, Denise treated us to brunch at a place called Maryam’s Cafe in the Heights.  The place had really good food.  It felt like a homemade meal.  The restaurant had a little play area in the back as well.


Denise was so sweet, she would take Layla back to play for a bit and then also feed Ezzy while Sheena and I enjoyed our meals.

Denise Ezzy



We were stuffed.  My cousin Sherry came into town on a surprise visit and everyone met up at Bombay Brassiere for lunch.  Although we didn’t eat, we met up just to hang with the family.


The girls are real big on hugs.

big hugs

Needless to say, we were exhausted!  We came home around 3ish and the house was really hot.  The downstairs air conditioning unit went out!  Luckily our upstairs unit was working fine, so we spent the day up there.  Since we just moved into that house less than a year ago, we still have the home warranty.  I made the call, so hopefully it’ll be a seamless fix (or better yet a replacement!) of that A/C unit.  Not a great time for the A/C to go out (being that we saw temps as high at 103 degrees), but there’s never a good time for that stuff to happen.  Like I said, luckily we had our upstairs nice a cool.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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