Weekend Review [Aug. 1st, 2015]

This weekend was fun.  Friday night our friends Aaron and Nancy came into town, so we all had dinner at Jupiter in the Sugar Land Town Square.



Saturday morning, Layla designed a clock and taped it on her wall.


The we headed to Sugarcreek Baptist Church for Micah’s 5th Birthday party.  Micah is Bibby and Kavitha’s first born.  It was fun to hang with them.




The kids had a great time in the play area.  And the adults had fun catching up on old times!



Right when we were leaving, Hansen’s Tesla was in the parking lot, so of course, there was a bit of a car show!




That is one amazing car!

After the birthday party, we all just hung out at home for a bit.  Later that evening Rob and Amber invited us to their house for dinner.  Like an idiot, I didn’t snap a pic of Rob and Amber with their boys Roam and Orin, but I did get a pic of these two.

best friends

haha..  There’s a story behind this pic.  Pokie and Rob grew up together.  So they’ve been super close for years.  Rob and Bless also grew up together, but on different sides of town, so it’s not like they hung out all the time, but still good friends none the less.  After a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, Rob said a testimony at church and mentioned Blesson as his best friend.  I think Pokie was offended, so to this day, Pokie still brings it up.  In an effort to fuel the fire, I edited the pic above 🙂

But forget that, check out the food they prepared for us!


It was sooo delicious!  It was great to just catch up with them as well.  Good times.

On Sunday after church, Sheena went out and did some shopping.  I kicked it at the house with the kids.  Shane came over as well to play with the kids.  When Sheena came back, she surprised Layla with pink hairspray.  Apparently she mentioned it to Sheena before.



You’ll note our fancy trash bag on Layla to protect her clothes!  Here are some more pics.



She really enjoyed having her hair pink!  [pics of Layla are credited to Sheena Abraham].  Overall, the weekend was great.  Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!

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