Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was great!  I love long weekends.  I especially love long weekends that aren’t super busy.  I mean, we definitely had a lot going on, but it was all fun, so I didn’t mind it at all!

Friday, the family and I had ice cream at Marble Slab.


Ice Cream

When we were leaving Marble Slab, we came a cross a gang of hoodlums.


They walked right up to our car!  It was pretty cute.  I guess they were expecting food.

After dessert, we decided to grab dinner.  I know it’s backwards, but that’s how we roll!  We were going to go to Soto’s Kitchen, but at the last minute we decided to try a new restaurant that just opened up called Off the Vine.



They literally opened up 4 days prior to our visit.  Sheena read about it and it’s supposed to be one of the first farm-to-table restaurants in the area.  The service was awesome.  The owner chatted with us and the wait staff was very attentive.  The food was a bit over priced but that’s expected for a farm-to-table type of joint.  But it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped for.  I mean, it was good, but just not amazing, ya know?  I’ll definitely give it another try later down the line.  They’re so new, I’m sure they’re just trying to find their groove.

Saturday morning we kicked it at the house for a bit.  The grass was getting kinda crazy and rain was in the forecast, so I mowed the lawn quickly before the grass got waaay too crazy.  While I was doing that, Sheena took the kids out for haircuts.

hot sweaty

When they got back, Layla wanted to help me mow as well, so she busted out the bubble lawn mower.  Ezzy enjoyed the bubbles.


Then they had a bit of play time in the grass.


Soon after I mowed the lawn, Sheena’s mom and brother came by to hang out.  Then it started pouring down rain.  I was sooo glad I mowed the lawn!  Later that day the rain stopped and we did a photo-shoot with Sheena’s cousin Ashley.  Janie helped as well!  We went to the Riverstone playground to snap a few pics.

photo shoot

Since we were there, Layla couldn’t pass up a chance at the zip line!


It got dark soon after that, so we grabbed some Chickfila, headed back home and kicked it there the rest of the day.

Sunday for dinner we met with a bunch of our friends at La Madeline.



Our friend Sherry and her family came to visit from New York, so Anitha set up the dinner.


I got to sit next to this cute guy.  Anitha and Biju’s 3rd kid, Isaiah!


It was also Pokie and Julie’s 7th wedding anniversary, so we pretended that the party was for them as well.  That’s why Pokie’s in the spotlight.



After dinner, we walked over the Sugar Land Town Square and hung out for the bit.  The kids had a great time running around like crazy people.


townsquare 2


townsquare 3

Monday, we made plans to hang out with Wes and Kasey, so we made the drive to Kingwood.  We did a potluck styled lunch but Kasey did most of the cooking!


After lunch we went for a dip in the pool.  Here’s a pic of the girls ready to roll!


After all the swimming it was pizza and ice cream time!



And of course, we had to play a little bit more.  Here’s a cute shot of the kids.


We had to get Ezzy in the mix as well!


Overall, a really great weekend!  I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend as well!

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