Office Christmas Party

Last week my firm hosted our annual Christmas party. It was at the Coronado Club in Downtown Houston.  It was during lunch on a Thursday.  I had the Sea Bass.


… and dessert was pretty tasty.


There was a game of Pictionary as well!


Generally, a good time was had by all… But there’s more.  They were giving away prizes.  Days leading up to the party, some of the secretaries were selling raffle tickets to raise money for a charity.  With those raffle tickets, you get a chance at various prizes, the main prize being the Amazon Echo.  Guess who won it…..


ME!  It is awesome!  I can verbally request things and “Alexa” does it for me.  “Alexa, play some music”, “Alexa, how many cups are in a quart”, “Alexa, please discipline my kids”….well the last one doesn’t work, but it’s still pretty friggin awesome!  There are add-ons to this where I can control my home as well, such as lights, thermostat and other things… all through voice command!  I’m super excited to explore this thing further!

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