Weekend Review [Dec. 12th, 2015]

We had some crazy rain throughout Saturday and Sunday. Before the rain came into town, we made a trip to my cousin’s house on Friday to see their new baby!


Joshua Wesley Mathew.  Cute kid!  We all took turns holding him!




I would like to note that he has more of a smile while I was holding him (review the above pictures)!  Here’s a group shot with some of the kiddos.


Here’s one with the guys holding our lil the guys.


Saturday, we kicked it.  Sheena had work in the morning, so it was the kids and me.  As you can see I fed them.


And attempted to make them nap (unsuccessfully).


At one point Ezra put on my shoes and tried to make a break for it.


He didn’t get very far.

Saturday evening we had some friends come over for dinner.  It was potluck style.  Tim and Jess brought over homemade meatballs to make sub sandwiches.  Earl and Asha brought over a healthy (and delicious) salad.  Manju and Cyndi brought over the dessert.  Sheena and I made a massive helping of mac and cheese.  The food and company was soo good, I forgot to take pictures of the event!  (Sorry about that).

Sunday at church Layla’s choir was singing some Christmas tunes.  She was super excited about it.  Here’s a pic of Sheena and Ezzy patiently waiting.






She did great, along with the rest of the choir.  It’s cute to see them on stage and singing.  Good times!

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