Weekend Review [Feb 6th, 2016]

This weekend was pretty busy. I’ve been working on “turning around” the rental house so a lot of my days have been occupied with dealing with that… but Saturday was too nice to not be outside.  Layla has a good friend that switched schools.  It’s been forever since they’ve seen each other, so a play date was set!


I didn’t snap a lot of pics but I put together a quick video of the kiddos playing:

Although Layla was having a blast with her friend, Ezzy still had a great time as well!



That evening, we had some friends over for dinner.  I think Pokie only comes over to be on this blog…


Brucey and Ezzy played on the stairs for a while.


Manju and Cyndi couldn’t care less about the blog…  They actually come over because they like us!


Blesson and Brucey came over as well.  They’re family… so blog or not, they’re obligated to like us.  The Super Bowl was this weekend as well.  I’m not huge on sports, but it was still on at the house.

On another note, I used an Uber this weekend.  I’ve used it before and I always inquire with the drivers about how they like it.  This particular Uber driver was very informative!  I mean, he’s got me wanting to be an Uber driver!  We’ll see… maybe you’ll start reading blogs about my Uber driving stories…

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