Party-filled weekend!

This weekend we had a few birthday parties to attend.  Saturday was Rayna’s party and Sunday was Maya’s party.

But let me rewind back to Thursday.  Lisa gave me a call to see if I wanted to check out the Prayer at the Poll event at City Hall.  I had some time, so I made the walk there.

Upon closer inspection of the praise & worship team, I see the one and only Jason Joy!!!!

He’s amazing!  After checking that out a bit, I met with Lisa, Ari and a couple of their friends.

It was fun catching up and meeting new peeps!

On Friday, I met up with a few friends to watch to Rockets game.

Fun to hang out, but a sad loss.  Outside there was a live band for Cinco de Mayo.  They were pretty good!

Jobbins, Earl and I made a quick stop to Whataburger too.  Honey Butter Biscuits, Baby!

Saturday morning, I met with Blesson to help him assemble some chairs for Jolly’s new clinic.  Here’s a quick video of the fun!

Fun times!  Immediately after that, I rushed home, got changed, Sheena go the kids ready and we headed out to Rayna’s birthday party.

Here’s Rayna with her family!

Here’s Layla holding Rayna and Ezzy cheesing it up!

I made a quick video of the birthday.  Check it out!

Sunday, we went to church and quickly did our HEB shopping.  We did it fast because we need to head over to Maya’s birthday party!

I didn’t take many pics, but here’s a video of all the fun!

Fun times!

After we got back home, I remembered that I won a drawing for some Sweet Treats from our friend Shirley’s small biz!  Ezzy and I checked the mail together to retrieve it.

Here’s a video of what we got!

Thanks for the treats Shirley!  They were great!

Overall a packed weekend, but very fun!

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