Weekend Review – Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day Weekend we had Monday off, so we try to take full advantage of the time.  This weekend was Sheena’s high-school friend, Sharon’s wedding.

But that was on Sunday.  On Saturday, we hosted a brunch at the house with some friends.  Tim & Jess whipped up some pancakes.  They were great!

Manju & Cyndi brought the bacon so then it really became a party!

The kids had fun playing with Oliver!

Later that evening, Ron and Neema came in from Dallas to spend the night.  The next morning (Sunday) the kids had breakfast together.

After church, we had head off to the wedding, so we snapped a quick pic with the family before we all headed out on our separate ways.

Sheena and I dropped off the kids with Mom & Dad and headed to Cypress, TX for the wedding.

Here’s a quick video of the wedding.

Sharon and Allen did a great job making sure the whole wedding and reception was fun for all!  We had a great time.

Monday we had the folks come over for a small BBQ at the house.  I grilled up some burgers and sausages while Sheena made some sweet potato fries and squash.  It was low-key, but fun.  Here’s a video of it all.

Blesson and Jolly couldn’t join us for lunch because they were in Austin, but they stopped by the house on their way home.

Overall a pretty fun weekend!

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