Weekend Review [April 28th, 2018]

This weekend was jam packed.  Friday night, Bless, Wes, Tim, Shane and I went to the bowling ally and knocked down a few pins.

Saturday morning was soccer for both Ezra and Layla.  Right after that, we headed to Allie’s birthday party.

The kids had a great time there!  Later that evening Tim and Jess came over and kicked it for a bit.  Since the kids had a long day, they fell asleep fast!

Sunday, we did our usual of going to church and then HEB.  When we got to HEB, Layla noticed something on the floor of the entry.

If you look closely, it’s Ezra’s name tag from church.  He must have dropped it the prior week and now it’s stuck to the floor!  We’ve left our mark!

Later that day, we went over to Ezra’s friend’s house for a play date.

Mathew is such a sweet kid and his folks are so nice!  It was great to sit and hang with them while the kids played.

Later that evening, Stan and Shane came over.  We went to Jupiter for dinner.

If you haven’t connected the dots, we’ve stepped away from the full-on Keto Diet.  We’re shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle of simply making better food decisions, but also enjoying food from time to time.  Sunday’s dinner was definitely on the “enjoyment” side of life!

Want a quick re-cap of the weekend in a video format?!  Well here you go!



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