Rockin Weekend

The weekend before Christmas.  Sheena and I had a big weekend planned and we had a great time!  It started off with a small get-together at Jimmy’s house for some Rock Band on Friday night. 

life imitate art
life imitates art

  Needless to say, Rock Band ROCKS!  Its always fun to just hang with good friends.  Saturday wasnt a planned busy day, but it turned out to be a full day.  It started with meeting up with Dad and Blesson to do some shopping… that lasted for the first half of the day and then Sheena and I ended the night at Benson and Marsha’s house for some of the best BBQ Burgars brought to us by Joe and Sigil…


 those boys know how to work a grill!  Sunday, we threw Julie (Pokie’s wife) a surprise birthday party which turned out great.

Birthday gal!
Birthday gal!

  Again, good times, good company.  Christmas is around the corner and we’ve got Sheena’s side of the family coming over along with people from her former church.  It should be another fun event!

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