Birth of Christianity

Monday, Dec. 22nd.  Sheena and I, along with Jimmy and Lisa went to the Museum of Natural Science to get a preview of an exhibit called the Birth of Christianity.

lecture time!
lecture time!

  Vinson & Elkins (the firm I work for) had a special preview of this exhibit for it’s employees and family/friends.  It was amazing!  We couldn’t take pics of the exhibit itself, but its definitely worth going to check out!  There was a brief lecture by Dr. Weston Fields.  He briefly explained the history of attaining these precious artifacts. 

The best part of the whole evening you may ask?  Well, it was the food!  j/k.. the scrolls were pretty awesome, but the food was a close second.  There was a spinach dip with chipotle, mixed in with deliciousness… I mean… it was just good…. but that’s not all, they had a dessert bar too!  It was a bit of a scavenger hunt to find ’em, but well worth it!

The sad thing about it all, this was my first time in that Museum!  I’ve lived in Houston all my life and I’ve never checked it out…  Its time to explore new grounds.

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