Our 1st Christmas

This Christmas was a busy one.  It seems like everyday was jam packed with things to do, which is great!  Since we hosted Thanksgiving at our house with my side of the family and our church (LWCC), we decided to do Christmas at our house and host Sheena’s side of the family and her former church (Sharon).  Its was pretty fun.  I was a bit nervous about the food, on if we’d have enough, but that clearly was not a problem based on the fact that its been almost a week and I’m still eating food from Christmas!  Sheena and I cooked up the turkey and we had family members bring their specialties to the house.  Kinda like a pot luck.   Here’s a pic of our turkey: 

ready to eat
ready to eat

Here’s a pic of it after I blew it up.. I mean carved it: 

shotgun to yo guts!
shotgun to yo guts!

Blesson even brought a gingerbread house

After everything settled at our house, we went over to Wes and Kasey’s house in Kingwood for a “leftover” party.  We didnt get home until 6am!  Since I was up, Blesson and I decided to check out the doorbusters….  after checking some stores out, getting my oil changed and filling up my gas, I didnt get home until 8:30am!  Productive, yes.  Smart, no.

The next day (Friday) Sheena and I met up with my old buddies from highschool (we refer to ourselves as G-Tribe… it was cool back then!  dont judge!) and had a great meal at Chuy’s.  After that they all came over to the house to kick it and some other friends came as well.. we basically had our own “leftover” party.   

time to eat... again
time to eat... again

 Stan brought over the Wii and we played games all night. 

Fists of Fury
Fists of Fury

We also played some Mad Gab. 

Saturday we went to my cousin’s house for their 2 year anniversary and just hung out.  Sunday was LWCC’s sunday school anniversary where the kids put on some great shows.. I’m sure there are videos and pics on facebooks, so check ’em out!

Needless to say, it was a full weekend and I’m looking foward to the next one.. New Years!

One Reply to “Our 1st Christmas”

  1. Man..had a blast with you guys on Friday..wish we could have hung out with you guys and everyone else for longer. Definitely next time.

    Caught the flu..out


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