The Astrodome

In recent news, I’ve been hearing that the big wigs of Reliant Park plan to finally do something with the Astrodome!  I’m somewhat excited to see what they have in mind.  After doing some brief research I came across this new report:  Plans for the Astrodome

In short, they have 3 options.  1) tear it down and build a green space, which I’m not too fond of.  2) gut it and have an extremely large venue for events or 3) gut it and build a planetarium.  You can actually get more details about what they’re planning on their site and also throw in your feedback.

I’m leaning more towards option 2, but I would really like to see it become a hub for mass transit for Houston.  Houston’s current mass transit system is a bit lacking when compared to other major cities.  If the Astrodome was converted into something similar to Grand Central Station, we can have multiple trains coming in from both airports and the suburbs into the Dome.  From there we could have additional trains going from the Dome to Downtown, Med Center, the Galleria area and the like.  With this, everyone would have access to any major location in Houston from a station relatively close to their home. 

Although this would be a beast of a financial project, it would also generate numerous jobs for our city.  The additional need for security at all train stations, employees to work and maintain the train and rails and the amount of income that would be generated from people using the train system could only benefit the city in the long run, right?

It could be something as simple as having train stations at every major highway (59, I-45, I-10, 288, 290, etc) at the junction of 610 and Beltway 8 along with both airports.  This would allow us to have a streamline route in and out of town.   And if the Dome is the hub, then we could also create the Dome to have shops and entertainment for people to partake in as well, further generating jobs/income (similar to their option 3)

Just some random thoughts that I’ve been having.  Sitting in traffic every morning and evening allows me the time to dream this stuff up!  What do y’all think?

3 Replies to “The Astrodome”

  1. Dear Mayor Abraham,

    I didn’t vote for you cuz I disagree with your wars and how you treat the homeless… but wow… this is a really good idea. Also can you just have some so called “perfect storm for disaster” happen to the east side of town? like make a refinery blow up or something, or send a hurricane that way and clean up that whole mess? I-10 from Normandy to Baytown looks like my friend Stayson’s room and it needs to be redone. Although I don’t know what a hurricane would really do since it already looks like a hurricane has hit.

    Dear Mayor Abraham,

    Yes, I hope if I ever come back to Houston, it has a vibrant and expansive Mass Transit system by that time… it would be awesome if I could just enjoy the city the way I do out here. I may not make it to heaven, but I could catch a glimpse if I see mass transit happen there… are they working on the Metro Rail expansions or what? They better be.. otherwise tell me who to spank.

    Dear Sausage,

    I am drinking a beer. It is great. I will be tutoring folks in 2 hours but worry not, I am only drinking one beer… I am also listening to Makaveli and regret not listening to it more when I was a youngin… i feel him one hundred percent… i thought he was jus tryna be a gangster poser… but this boy gone crazy on this album… I did buy the album but someone stoled it. If you can find out who did that, Mr Mayor, can you kill him? it happened at Frontier Fiesta back in 2001 or 2002 on the first night and I had my CD case in the tent so we could play music in our setup for all the patrons. I used to be cool back then and they wanted to groom me to be a DJ! how cool would that have been? What happened? oh… my groomer lived all the way in Sugarland and I lived on the Eastside. If I coulda had a monthly mass transit pass, I totally woulda done it, but since there is not that option, gas woulda been like upped by another hundred dollars on top of the gas i already spent just going to school. But oil company execs know not about that… they ride limos to work while blasting anti-transit propoganda and spending millions on lawyers to slow down the legislative process on approving federally funded dollars to go towards these endeavors and it is pissing me off.

    Your friend,

    Stayson Derullo


    1. Dear Frukaveli,

      Can you come down to Houston one weekend without telling anyone and just hang out with me? We can have a sleep over and have pillow fights and everything. I’ll have to ask my wife to leave for the weekend, but I’m sure we can make it work.

      Patiently waiting,
      Mayor Abraham


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