I wanna be a Mac…

… but I dont think I’m cool enough.  Or am I not rich enough?  Either way, I’ve tried my best, but I’m just not a Mac person…  Maybe one day, but not yet.  Ever since Sheena got her Mac Book, I was like “ohh, I want one too”.  I had great plans of slowly converting everything we had to Mac.  Get the new Mac Mini (run with the wireless keyboard and a magic mouse) for the living room TV and to be the house server, get a Mac Book Pro for me,  a 24″ LED Cinema Display to plug our laptops into when at home for easier video editing (which we would get Final Cut to do), get a couple of ipod touches for when we’re on the road to eliminate CD’s and just run our ipods directly to the head unit of our cars, an Ipad to do some light emails and web surfing from the couch… the list can go on and on… and it goes on because Apple doesn’t stop making great, useable gear!  But greatness comes with a hefty price, and with that hefty price goes my dreams of being a Mac.

There’s also the idea (in my head at least) that since I work in corporate Amercia, a PC is really what I need to get the job done since the business world is currently run on Windows.  I know you can run Windows on a Mac, but when I fiddled with it, I just didnt like it too much.

So for now, we’ll be a “hybrid” house, both Mac and PC, but I still have plans… and hopefully they’ll come true, of  implementing more Mac gear in our lives!

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