Peru: Day Two

The first day In Lima was great.  We got to wake up on our own schedule and grab some breakfast at the hotel.  Then we headed out to explore the city.  Our hotel is a very short walk to the pacific ocean.  What a beautiful site to see!  The city is a few kilometers above sea level and there is a mall carved into the side of a cliff facing the ocean.

Mall carved in the side of a cliff facing the Pacific Ocean

We did a lot of walking and some minor shopping.  Then at 2pm we had a city tour that covered Lima and a very nice suburb called Mirafloures.  This is really a beautiful place!  It’s probably one of the largest cities I have ever been in.

a mix of Rome and Chicago

  After the tour was done we had an excellent dinner at the Mango Cafe.  Since the city is right off the coast they have great sea food.

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