Aziz at the House of Blues

Earlier this year, Sheena and I purchased tickets to the Aziz Ansari Comedy show that was coming to Houston in July.  As that date approached, I got an email saying that the show would be post-poned till October!  I was bummed cause I’m basically holding on to these tickets for almost a year!  But October came around and this past weekend we went to the show.  It worked out to becoming a mini birthday outing for me and a few other friends that were celebrating October birthdays.  Surprisingly a ton of people showed up.  I knew that Aziz was funny, but I didn’t realized that others thought the same thing!  The show didn’t disappoint.  Aziz was hilarious.  This set was with all new jokes and in his encore, he let the audience throw out some topics that brought back some older skits with new twists to them like R. Kelly, a brief mention of his alter ego (Randy) being killed in a volcano and Aziz fake humping an ATM. 

Jokes and jokes and jokes and jokes!

We ended up having some pretty awesome seats!  We were 4 rows back from the stage and dead center.  Some of our friends where in the standing room area and others were in the balcony.  Overall, everyone had a good time no matter where they sat.  After the show, we made the 15 minute walk to Market Square for some delicious burgers.  Then everyone came back to our place to just kick it.  We didn’t get to bed until 4 am!  Long nights make for tough mornings, but overall, it was a pretty great weekend!

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