Bring Your Own Steak Night!

Last week I was watching Food Network and saw a show about cooking steaks, brisket and the like.  There’s something about seeing meat being grilled and sliced that makes my mouth water… literally.  So with that, I decided to grill up some steaks that following Friday.  The only problem I saw was that I have a charcoal grill.  I didn’t want to fire up an entire pit just to cook 2 steaks for Sheena and me. The Indian inside of me wouldn’t allow myself to waste all those coals and a perfectly good fire!  Then the idea came up to invite some friends over, have them bring their own steaks and we’d all just grill’em up and chow down!

We did this once before a few months back.  Benson, Earl, Stan and I were all hanging out and the topic of steaks came up.  It was pretty late at night and all of a sudden I find myself in Benson’s backyard grilling up some delicious steaks.  Ohh how great they were!  So with the memories of our impromptu BYOSteak night, we needed to re-live that moment.



We also had an awesome desert made by Cyndi Mani.  It was a flan/chocolate cake.  Simply amazing!  I rushed through my steak so I can get to the dessert.  A little painful to inhale a steak, but it was well worth it!  She also brought a warm potato salad which was pretty awesome as well!

While we were doing the steak night, Jobbins mentioned that he read this blog so I wanted to give him a shout out with this pic of  him with Nicky (Benson and Marsha’s baby boy)!

I’m sure we’ll be doing another steak night.  It’s always fun to hang out with friends and eat well!  It’s even better when you’re not paying $50 for a meal at a steak house!  With the “bring your own steak” night people just brought over a $10 steak and we had a delicious feast!

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